Phase One

Phase One

Phase One is a Danish company specializing in high-end digital photography equipment and software. It manufactures open platform based medium format camera systems and solutions.

The Camera System is built using full-frame Medium Format sensors 2.5 times larger than the ones found in high-end DSLRs. Sensors this large deliver a powerful combination of the highest possible resolution together with large, high dynamic range pixels and exceptional wide angular response. The XF is quite literally the best of all worlds when it comes to digital image quality.

Mamiya Leaf

Mamiya Leaf offers high–end digital photographic solutions to professional and advanced amateur photographers.

Leveraging 70 years of Mamiya camera and optics expertise with the digital imaging technology of Leaf – the company that introduced the world’s first commercial digital camera back – Mamiya Leaf represents the finest in high end photographic solutions, and is dedicated to improving the quality of its products, technologies and services to support the advancement of professional digital photography.

Alpa of Switzerland

Formerly a Swiss camera design company and manufacturer of 35 mm SLR cameras. The current owners bought the company name after bankruptcy of the original company and the company exists today as a designer and manufacturer of high-end medium-format cameras.

Those who like or need the technical quality of a high-end digital back or of a grown-up roll-film format up to 6×9, but who must travel light and work expeditiously, those are the very people who most appreciate the ALPA 12 TC, the ALPA 12 WA and the ALPA 12 SWA. They are the ALPA cameras that are easy-to-handle not just with light-weight lenses, but that can also remain within the ever-tighter limits for traveling bags. Ergonomically formed handgrips and the silky-smooth, instant shutter release contribute to the superior quality of your freehand shots. Where complex camera settings such as shift (perspective control) simultaneously in both directions with tilt/swing (zone of sharpness control) from tripod are used but where free-handed photography is also required, the ALPA 12 MAX can offer a particularly flexible solution. Where work is done almost entirely on tripod, the ALPA 12 XY comes into its own by adding the capability of shift movements limited only by the sizes of the image circles of the lenses available. The ALPA 12 MAX and the ALPA 12 XY offer the possibilities of digital stitching, without the slightest movement of the lens during shifting. This is needed to avoid a change of perspective and is a characteristic indispensable to avoid unwanted stereoscopic effects. The sixth ALPA model also needs to be mentioned here: the ALPA 12 METRIC is used in digital photogrammetry, i.e. for photographic computer-supported measuring for cartography and many other scientific and industrial applications.

Seitz Roundshot

In times where cameras are manufactured in mass production, it seems almost unbelievable: Each part of a Seitz Roundshot camera is made of milled aluminum blocks with high-precision CNC machines from solid. Each camera is assembled by hand and precisely monitored in our workshop.

With Super fast image capture –  300 MB of data per second. Cylindrical and spherical panoramas up to gigapixel definition and Seitz D3 digital scan back interchangeable with Seitz 6×17 Digital. It has an easy camera control and image preview + storage with connected tablet PC computer or any 64-bit PC or Mac computerldeal for high resolution virtual tours, landscapes, street mapping, group photography, fine-art, 32-bit HDRs.


Arca Swiss, notwithstanding its name and antecedents, is now headquartered in France. Their first products in the technical and view camera market were introduced in the 1950’s. Today they are well known for their ball heads as well as M line and F line view cameras, in sizes from 6X9cm roll film to 8X10″ sheet film, as well as with mounts for digital backs .

ARCA, as All-Round-CAmera the camera for all uses and all situations. If you look up the word “Arca” with a single Internet search engine, you will find many references that have nothing to do with photography, in particular you will find a review of architecture.


Studio 58 is the official distributor of phase1 and phase2 in the Philippines. For more details you can call us and schedule a demo.

Studio & Camera Rental

  • Fully equipped studio with digital camera backs for rent
  • Phase One IQ160
  • Phase One BW P40 with digital back
  • Mamiya Leaf 645

Digital Equipments

  • Phase One IQ 260 Achromatic
  • Phase One IQ280 Digital Camera System with 80 full resolutions
  • Phase One IQ260 Digital Camera System
  • Phase One Round Shot maker of 6×17 XF Camera IQ3100
  • Phase One Repro Camera with 180 Megapixels

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Photography By Mr. Benigno “Bengy” Toda III

A prominent sportsman turned into a well-known photographer, Mr. Toda has a passion for capturing awe-inspiring photographs that is natural and straightforward. Equipped with Phase One camera he is able to enhance his passion for photography. His yearning for photography eventually led him to build his business Studio 58 Lab 10 Inc. He is also the official photographer for National Museum.

Among his works are Product and Food Photography, Architecture and Interiors, Reproduction of Images and Landscape Photography.